English Info

I and my gang are living in the west of Germany, near cologne.

Together with me it’s Nicole and our dogs – 2 Chesapeake Bay Retriever & 2 Labrador Retriever .

(Nicole & Me, Jetix, One, Djuma, Benita, Baghira)
I am born 1978 and work as a technician at the community administration.
Since I was a child dogs takes a very important part in my life. At the age of 13 years I owned my first dog a Jack-Russell-Terrier.
A live without my Dogs?.... unbelievable!
I´m a hunter and Baghira (my old Labrador) and Djuma (my Chesapeake) are my hunting dogs. They can live their passion for hunting with me. Djuma is very well trained and did many hunting test with very good results. Also their presence in the show ring. The junior champion title, several day titels, Multi BOB, BOS, the german Show Champion titels VDH + DRC, Belgien Champion, C.I.B.+ C.I.E. were given to her. Form follows Funktion! or Brain & Beauty     

DuckTracker´s  - my kennel name

I consider a long time about the name.

One of my favorites with my dogs is hunting ducks and geese. This was the solution; my kennel name was “born”.

The gang members

Benita – Terrier Mix – Chief of all – the grand Dame, she died 7/2019

Baghira – the old gun dog - she always gives 120% for me

Djuma – a dream come true – a dog with all must have of a gun dog!
Goose - Djuma´s doughter out of my first litter 2018

One – a young, crazy girl - full of hope and ready to training

Why i have a chessie now...

It´s easy. 2013/2014 i was looking for a new hunting dog – puppy.

Baghira, nearly 6,5 years old, had to teach the new girl. But it should not be a Labrador.

I need a dog with more passion, works self-employed and be a team player.  Loving the characteristics of the Retrievers, there was only one! breed which could it be, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Djuma came to me in the summer of 2014.
About Djuma….

From the beginning it was a very active, lovely and handsome dog with a nice temperament. Djuma is easy to train and always trying to give the best for me.

She loves to work, but much more she loves to work with me!

From the beginning I trained her in little sections with a lot of basics. So now she´s always quiet and steady. T
he very good results in different tests in different countrys speak their own language.  

She´s an absolute team player.

So we did our first hunting test in the age of 9 month. Many tests followed them. I train her with dummy and game, both she retrieves very good. Outside full of power, inside the house quiet and loves to cuddle. Her hobbies – be my shadow, hunting, dummy and swimming!


Now, knowing all about Djumas background, seeing forward for a dream in my life  - Breed with my own dog.......my dream come true in 2018.

The places, i´m looking for the puppies, are active and stabile families, which will work with the dogs in Hunting, search & rescue, dummy, obedience or something like this.
Hunters will be preferred.