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m living in the west of Germany, near cologne.

Together with me it’s Nicole and our dogs – 2 Chesapeake Bay Retriever & 1 Labrador Retriever .

( Djuma and her daughter Goose)

I´m a hunter and
present my dogs successfully on huntuing test & international dogshows in Germany and other European countries.
One of the important hunting test we do ist the live duck. its done in over 7 generation!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever...
It´s not just a dog, the chessie is a way of life!
You will never get a dog more loyal than a chessie. He will be your best friend, your protector
and your hunting companion.
If you own 1 you never want an other breed than a Chesapeake.
But you have to be a leader - consequently and fair. Then he willrun for you
through the fire....

Now the next generation will start ...
Looking foward for the B - Litter in Spring 2022 with Goose

Goose is a real hunting dog. Her passion is canada goose hunting. We have the opportunity to do it.

Running hunting test and shows was very difficult in 2020, because we did the blp and hunting certification in Germany and we was very successful at crufts 2020.
Now 2021 starts with the champion titel VDH & DRC with working certifiat, hunting test will follow as soon as possible.

The places, i´m looking for the puppies, are active and stabile families, which will work with the dogs in Hunting, search & rescue, dummy, obedience or something like this.
Hunters will be preferred !!!

The stud dog is GCHB Longmeadow Call to Arms MH "Cooper"

    or call 0049-151-14994115

Its a new pedigree for europe, cooper was never used here bevor!